Representative Cases

Claim for multiple violations of the Stored Communications Act where defendant used spyware to review email communications over several months.  Plaintiff also claimed that defendant downloaded his manuscript and lifted portions to write her novel.  Defendant writer and publishing house disputed the copyright infringement claim.

Dispute between playwright and producer regarding royalties from the production of a Broadway musical;

Dispute re trademark infringement and theft of trade secrets regarding Disney designs;

Dispute re breach of contract between film producers and distributors over the delivery and quality of the master and the good faith efforts to distribute the film;

Dispute over ownership rights to the film Easy Rider;

Dispute over film credits among parties to joint venture to produce a film;

Dispute over rights to use of Peggy Lee name and image;

Dispute re royalty and production rights to animated motion picture and comic book character;

Dispute between producer and writer/director regarding the financing of a film;

Constructive termination and breach of employment contract by Division President running film production equipment business;

Dispute between Producers and Executive Producers regarding unpaid compensation and film credits.

Dispute between filmmaker and studio regarding royalties for home video.

Various disputes re ownership of various reality show treatments.

Dispute between network and individual who claimed she was falsely portrayed in docudrama.

Various disputes between music and television talent and agents and/or managers following termination of professional relationship, including issues of commissions owing, breaches of fiduciary duty and disparagement/defamation.

Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court (Ret.)

Hon. Patricia L. Collins